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Last Update: 07/24/13

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A Final Visit to Our Old Pond
MB and I spend a day working on our old pond after a long period of neglect.

Our Old Pond - Our Old Pond home
More Pictures - Additional Old Pond pictures
Our Pond - Our (new) Pond home

In May of 2003 we spent a day trying to revitalize our old pond. The new owners had moved out of the country and were renting out the house. The pond had fallen into disrepair and the property manager, who had no pond experience, called us to see if we could help.

We arrived to a rather dismal view of our old pond. There was no water movement, no filtration, and all of the landscaping had gone to weeds.

The waterfall had been knocked down and rebuilt, but it leaked, so they no longer ran it.  

After many long hours and several trips for plants, mulch, a new pump, and supplies, our old pond started to look a little better.

The waterfall was rebuilt from scratch with new liner underneath and plants all around. We replaced most of the water and dredged about 12" of muck from the bottom.

Until the water was clean we had no idea how many baby goldfish there were. They seemed to like the changes.

A final goodbye to our old pond. We felt pretty good with how it turned out and felt the effort was worth the time and money we invested. This is how we will remember it.