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Last Update: 07/23/13

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  Our pond has been sold (along with the house),  so there will be no further updates to this site. I hope one day to have a pond again.  

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 - August 12, 2001
Where  - Herndon, Virginia (near Washington, DC)
Climate  - Plant hardiness Zone 6-7
Layout  - Two upper and one lower pond with two waterfalls
Size  - Approximately 6100 gallons
(4500-koi pond, 1200-frog pond, 400-plant pond)
Filtration  - Laguna Power Flo Skimmer Filter
NitraMax 10,000 Pressurized Filter
Emperor Aquatics Smart UV Sterilizerr
Water Movement  - 4300 gph external pump
(supplies filter and then frog pond/waterfall)
    3200 gph external pump
(supplies plant pond/waterfall)
Animal Inhabitants  - Koi, green frogs, snails
Plants  - Hardy & tropical water lilies
Dwarf Lotus
Various bog plants

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