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Last Update: 07/24/13

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     These photos are from our original pond construction project completed in 2001.
     There are a few photos of our major expansion completed in 2005 on the 2005 Progression page.

The initial outline is marked

Digging begins

A retainer wall is being built for the upper pond

Some of the supplies that have kept us 
from parking our cars in the garage

Taken with our new camera, we are almost ready to 
start hollowing out the upper pond. 
Taken July 31, 2001

Roofing felt was placed first since our soil is so rocky
Taken August 09, 2001

Liner underlay, which feels like a heavy wool blanket, was
installed next to add another layer of protection
Taken August 10, 2001

Finally, the liner is in place and a few big rocks are
prepared for installation in the waterfall
Taken August 10, 2001

Hmm.... How will this ever turn into a waterfall?
Taken August 11, 2001

Mother Nature decided to help fill the pond
as the waterfall is starting to take a nice shape
Taken morning of August 12, 2001

Wet testing, will the water flow evenly?
Taken morning of August 12, 2001 

Wow! What a difference a day makes!
Taken evening of August 12, 2001 (in the rain!)

Things are really shaping up, it's starting to feel like a real pond
Taken evening of August 12, 2001 (in the rain!)

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