03R/W Specifications


The Korg 03R/W is a 32 voice synthesizer that uses Korg's famed AI2 digital synthesis. It holds 229 programs (129 of which are GM in ROM) and 100 combinations which use the 255 preset multisounds (multi-sampled PCM waveforms). The Multi Digital Effects processor provides up to 4 simultaneous effects. The unit has two card slots, PCM Data & PROG Data, is 16 part multi-timbral and has 32 note polyphony.

The unit uses a lithium battery (type CR2016) to keep the RAM data from being lost when the power is turned off. There are four audio out and three midi (in, out & thru) jacks.

There are supposedly 5 demo songs on the unit (mine only has 3). Demo Mode can be accessed by pressing the combi and edit buttons simultaneously. The demo songs are then accessed by pressing front panel buttons while in Demo Mode as follows:

                    Demo 0: Combi button
Demo 1: Prog button
Demo 2: Int/Card button
Demo 3: Edit button
Demo 4: Global/Multi button
Loop through all: Page-\Bank button
Any other button will take you out of demo mode

In order for the demos to play correctly, the factory patches must be in place. Korg has stored the factory patches internally, page 5C of Global mode will reset the synth to the factory patches, all non-factory patches will be lost, so make sure you have a backup copy of them. The 03R/W's display is a yellow backlit 16x2 panel.

Checking the version of the onboard software:

** WARNING ** When I did this, All Programs and Combis were reset to InitProg. If you have any custom programs loaded, make sure you back them up before checking the software version.

  1. Power off the 03R/W
  2. Press and hold the +1 and -1 buttons
  3. Power on the unit

The current software version is 15.

If you do not have the current version and want to upgrade to version 15, try contacting Korg at: product_support@korgusa.com

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