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What's New:

02/17/08 Placed all .syx files into zip archive files on the Sounds page
04/29/02 Fixed a few broken links
Added missing VICBANK3.LZH file
Made a few updates to the FAQ page
02/18/02 Added 03R/W search in the Links section of this site
Made a few minor changes including an update to the navigation box
Changed mailing list options so that non-members can read messages
08/07/01 Fixed broken file korg03_s.zip on the sounds page 
Fixed the spelling of Graeme Miller's name on the sound page   :-)
07/27/01 03R/W manual released in PDF format! - 03R/W Manual
Many thanks to Daniel Rheault for doing the scans and Clayton L. Workman for assembling the PDF manual.
07/23/01 Moved this site to new domain
Created new mailing list at Yahoo Groups
Several areas of site were removed to simplify things
Many links were added and removed
04/01/00 Updated Current Feature(s)
Announced new PC Editor by SoundTower
Created new 03R/W mailing list!
Several minor edits and updates

Updated Current Feature(s)
Updated HELP! section to access the AltaVista language translation page
Updated the 03R/W FAQ
Added new .SYX strings which will turn off specific midi channels
03/17/98 Updated the 03R/W FAQ
Added Link to Peter Buffett's Studio
Added responses to some of the discussions
The Site Index should no longer scroll in most browsers
01/22/98 Replaced link to Korg AI2 chip in the Specifications section to one that works
Added link to an original Korg 03R/W review in the Links section
Updated Current Feature(s)
01/02/98 Complete redesign for sites 1st anniversary!
   Complete reformat of site layout
   "Current Feature(s)" area added
   "Discussions" area added
   "03R/W FAQ" added
   "Site FAQ" added
12/29/97 Added new sysex strings
Fixed a bunch of spelling errors... oops!
09/14/97 Updated version of SynthMaster
   A couple bugs have been fixed
09/07/97 Added SynthMaster, a WIN95 multi-mode editor to Software Section
   Thanks to Dylan Nicholson for this great program!
Added a few additional links to the software section
Changed several of the tables to show borders
08/05/97 Added 3 new program banks converted from 01/W format!
   muefct1, muefct2 & muefct3
Link to Korg's official web site
Minor formatting changes
05/01/97 Added 2 new prog banks and their associated combi banks
   c4_a,  c4cmb,  c5_a  &  c5cmb
Link to site with new PCM card "Synth Legend" for Korg X & O series!
   2mb of new multi-sounds and 100 progs. Hear samples  of the progs in RealAudio 
Link to Royalty Management's new X3 and Trinity site
   (Hopefully I can get some new sounds there!)
04/14/97 Midi Manager 03R/W prog editor for WIN95 link in Software section
Cakewalk .INI setup submitted by Rody Mulder added to Sysex section
04/07/97 Added Freeloader sysex utility for Windows to Software section
03/08/97 Added original 01W combis converted by O.K. Johnson
    korgzip.zip - Both original 01W combi banks that use a single prog bank
Added new prog bank created by Victor Cerullo, along with four of his
other banks that have been re-converted using Patch Magic
    kproject (New!), teknoset, vicbank1, vicbank2 & vicbank3 (03R & 01W formats)
02/23/97 Added a simple frames page with index for navigation: Frames Page
02/22/97 Patch Magic Converter/Librarian now has a web site: Patch Magic
02/14/97 Added 6 new Combi Banks to go with existing Program Banks
    pip1cmb, rockcmb, x3_1cmb, x3_3cmb, xsd12cmb & xsd13cmb
02/11/97 Added how to check your 03's software version in Basic Info section
Added a few links to commercial sound developers in Links section
Added 5 new Sound Banks with each with a matching Combi Bank!!
    xip01pgm & cmb - great full sounds, especially combis
    xip02pgm & cmb - same pgms as dance_a, but better conversion, Great combis!
    xip03pgm & cmb - more mixed programs and combis
    xip04pgm & cmb - orchestral programs & combis
    xip05pgm & cmb - percussion programs and mixed combis

Some reformatting (again.... and again)
02/09/97 Created Software section
Added .SYX string that changes bend range in Multi Mode
Added 03R/W Multi Mode Editor to 03R/W Software section
Added Soundlib to 03R/W Software section
Some reformatting
02/06/97 Added 6 new patch sets
Added list of 03R/W controllers
Updated some of the .txt files
01/31/97 Fixed a couple things
01/25/97 Added 4 new patch sets converted from the M1
Added new section How to get the sounds to the 03R/W
Updates to the 03R/W Info section
01/10/97 Fixed background image
Updated some text
Updated the mode SYSEX strings
Added additional sound banks
Fixed Patch #20 in dance_b.syx
01/08/97 This Site

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