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Current Feature(s):

03R/W manual in PDF format :
Finally! We have an 03R/W manual in PDF format! Many thanks to Daniel Rheault for doing the scans and Clayton L. Workman for assembling the PDF manual. This has been the most asked about question regarding the 03R/W since I started this site. 03R/W Manual

PC Editor by SoundTower :
Some time ago, I lent out my 03R/W for several weeks. Why you ask? It went on vacation to SoundTower in Canada. They used it to create a beautiful and very affordable PC editor for the 03R/W!

There is a fully functional demo of  03w Edit-Pro at the SoundTower site. Advanced features like drag and drop, graphical editing and Genetics (patch generator/randomizer) will bring your patch editing to a new level.

03R/W mailing list:
Everyone is welcome to join this list and take advantage of the vast and varied experience of the 03R/W community.

Go to the 03R/W Mailing List Page to subscribe or view the list archive.

03R/W finder:
Looking to buy an 03R/W? Use this great search page to do your research. 
03R/W Search -
Includes the '/' symbol in the search
03RW Search - Does not include the '/' symbol in the search

Site Overview:
This site is dedicated to the Korg 03R/W rack mount synthesizer. The main purpose is to make a collection of information and sounds available for the 03R/W and foster communication between it's users.

I am always happy to receive and post new sound sets for the 03R/W,  just make sure they are public domain. Any additional information, software, SYSEX strings or links would also be appreciated.

What's New: Shows the history of changes made to this site

Mailing List: Join now to keep up with the latest info regarding the 03R/W. Share your tricks and tips with other 03R/W owners. Ask questions about the 03R/W. The possibilities are endless!

Specifications: All the technical stuff about the 03R/W... Need I say more?

Sysex Strings: Some convenient sysex commands that can be sent from a computer to the 03R/W. Include them in your sequences to automatically set the mode (comb, prog or multi) or other parameters.

Sounds: Well... There are a ton of them and they greatly expand the sounds that come shipped with the unit.

Software: Includes some freeware (BIG THANKS to all of those authors!) programs, as well as links to shareware and commercial products.

Controllers: List of the controllers supported by the 03R/W.

FAQ's: Two frequently asked question lists have been created. The first, which involves the 03R/W, will grow from input to the Discussions area. The second involves site related questions.

Links: Links to 03R/W and Korg related sites.

Help: These days you must have a HELP section....